Service Charges

iProperty Cloud Service Charges is built on Mircrosoft Power platform in Microsoft, Azure World-Class Cloud and on Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Platform.

Water-tight End to End Service Charges Solution


Truly Water-tight Calculations

Service Charges calculations are complex – we all know that. iProperty Cloud Service Charges module calculates service charges by Property, by Tenant, by Agreement (leasehold or Tenancy), by Charge type (fixed, variable or fair-rent) by Contract, by Financial Year, by Contractor, by Contract Line, by Service Agreement and by Calendar year.

The solution is built by Service Charges experts so you can calculate and report on Service Charges across all your Properties, Leasehold and Tenancy Agreements, Multiple Contracts, Contract Lines and Service Agreements. Even if your property had multiple customers in and out or multiple agreements within the same business financial year or calendar year, you can still calculate your charges down to the last penny.

Simplify Complex Service Charges Setup

iProperty Cloud Service Charges is built to cater for all possibilities, permutations and parameters. For example, if two housing associations have merged, each with a separate financial year initially, iProperty Cloud Service Charges can still calculate service charges accurately by organisation by business unit. You can setup all your Service Agreements, Contracts and Contract Lines with their types, categories and duration. You can set your yearly increase and variances business rules as well as set adjustments, amendments and re-charges including for Repairs. You can integrate with your Housing Management solution or we import data into iProperty Cloud Housing Management module built on Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365. With all of this in place, you can simply click a button to generate estimates for all service charges for the whole year or click to generate actuals. You can compare actuals versus and estimates and backward adjust any changes or discrepancies even if they were originally calculated in an old service charges system!

Customer Self-Service & Statements

Not only you can generate granular Customer Statements, but you can generate statements by property, by property group, by scheme, by estate or any other categorisation in your asset hierarchy. Moreover, iProperty Cloud Service Charges comes with a Customer Self-service portal for customers to check their service charges, their statement, costs, how their charges have been spent and even raise queries via the Customer Portal if needed. All this functionality can then be integrated with your existing customer portal, Housing Management system or Dynamics 365 ERP solution such as Dynamics Finance and Operations (Dynamics Ax), Dynamics Nav or Business Central. Our expert Integration team will be responsible for your full integration if you would like us to do so.

Microsoft Platform

All iProperty Cloud modules are built on Microsoft Power Platform, hosted in Microsoft Azure World-class Cloud. They can be deployed as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution or as an iProperty Cloud Power App (CDS only) solution without 1st Party Dynamics 365 Apps if they are not needed. Please get in touch to discuss all available deployment options.

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