iProperty Cloud Features

iProperty Cloud comes with an array of functionality and features which can have a transformational effect for every estate agent, property maintenance and housing officer. The solution is designed to be user-friendly with a high user adoption rates through simplicity and automation.

Below is a list of features and modules that are included in every iProperty Cloud Solution:

  • Full end-to-end guided business process flows to ensure data integrity and to provide all your staff with a guided process to follow, eliminating inconsistencies in the application of your business processes
  • A modern and responsive interface accessible from any browser, within Microsoft Outlook or using native mobile and tablet apps.
  • Single integrated estate agency software and social housing solution including a complete CRM platform built on Microsoft Enterprise Business solutions platform: Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Microsoft’s Azure Cloud.
  • Features include full CRM functionality, Sales, Lettings, Property Maintenance, Field Services, Customer Portal, a Public Website, Mobile Apps, Microsoft Outlook App – all in a single integrated solution, for a single monthly cost.

In addition to these features, iProperty Cloud solutions come with the following modules and add-on components:

Photo Gallery

iProperty Cloud comes with a Photo Gallery with Photo Editor and Slideshow for Dynamics 365. It is a fully featured Photo Gallery, Photo Editor with Slider and Carousel functionality. The solution is built on Dynamics 365 best practices and Microsoft standards and includes a large number of features such as:

  • Displaying all photos added as attachments to Notes on any Entity Form.
  • Gallery can be embedded in Dynamics 365 Mobile Apps, Tablet Apps, Business Apps (Web Client and V9 Unified Interface).
  • Full Carousel Photo Gallery functionality
  • Ability to store all photos in an Azure Blob to save storage costs (or as notes attachments)
  • Photo Editor to Crop and Resize photos before or after upload.
  • Drag and Drop to upload photos or browse
  • Slideshow of photos
  • Start and Stop Slideshow
  • Navigation and slider arrows to move between main photos
  • Thumbnails with slider to select which photo to display
  • Auto-resizing of photos capability to a standard size and ratio aspect (for example industry standard of 620px and 414px with 3:2 ratio)
  • Title for each Photo
  • Photo Gallery only reads and displays photo attachments, ignoring other file types.
  • Supports Dynamics 365 v9, v8.2, v8.1, v8. (Please contact us for previous version support)
  • All standard browsers are supported: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox (Please contact us to confirm support for other browsers)

Property Portals Integration: Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market, Prime Location, etc.

iProperty Cloud comes with full integration with many Property Portals. iProperty Cloud is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration with Rightmove, Zoopla, On the Market and Prime location. Our integration design takes advantage of the latest real-time feed API integration with Rightmove, Zoopla and On the Market. Using a combination of native Dynamics 365 plugins, workflows and custom actions, we are able to instantly create, update and delete property listings from Dynamics 365 directly to Rightmove, Zoopla or On the Market.

Additionally, we have scheduled workflow processes to regularly retrieve property leads and phone call enquiries about your properties from Property portals such as Rightmove to Microsoft Dynamics 365. Workflow intervals are adjustable to your exact requirements, from 15 minutes (minimum time allowed by Rightmove) to any other length of time as required.

Maps and Local Information (Stations, Hospitals, Cafe’s, etc.)

iProperty Cloud comes with built-in mapping and local information features at no extra cost. Local information includes amenities nearby to the property, such as Train (and Tube) Stations, Hospitals, Schools, Cafes, Airports and Police stations. We can even add more amenities based on your own business requirements including libraries, shopping malls, supermarkets and many more amenities (we can add up to 46 different amenities options to your solution maps)


iProperty Cloud also comes at no extra cost with local graphs for the property area based on its post code, including population age range, Crime, Education and Council Tax breakdowns. Additional information is available upon request.



Intelligent Matching Engine: Applicants to a Property & Properties to an Applicant

iProperty Cloud features an intelligent built-in matching engine. The engine comes with 2 main capabilities:

  1. Matching properties to an applicant’s exact requirements, with the ability to generate a property listing of all matching requirements. This Property Listing report can be customised by your own staff and the system users without any need for development or the need to contact us, as it is all built in Microsoft Word engine (part of iProperty Cloud Microsoft Dynamics and Office integration). Your users can also add marketing and contact information as desired (using just a Word Template!).
  2. The matching engine also comes with the ability to match suitable applicants to each property so that you can run your marketing campaign instantly, as soon as a property is published, to be available on the market.


Applicants preferences that match your new property, can be added as successful matches via the single click of a button!

Contact us to see how easy it is to match properties and applicants.


Market Intelligence including Local Area Pricing, House Price History, Smart Valuation and Zed Index

In addition to our local information and maps, iProperty Cloud has built-in market intelligence at no extra cost. Our Market intelligence module includes average sold house prices in this area, house sales turnover, number of sales and Zed-Index. More market intelligence is available upon request.


Self-Service Customer Portal

iProperty Cloud comes with a fully integrated self-service Customer Portal. Our Customer portal allows your customers, Tenants, Buyers, Landlords and/or Vendors to log in on a responsive online portal to receive full updates on their properties. Some of the features of our Customer Portal include:

  • View Property Sale progress (Buyers and Vendors) including current status, agency updates and negotiator notes on current stage within the sale. This directly reduces the number of calls to your office / call centre.
  • Property Maintenance issues including current issues, contractors assigned to fix issues, upcoming and past appointments for property maintenance activities.
  • Tenants’ Tenancy Statements including any additional tenant costs
  • Landlord Tenancy Statements including Property Maintenance issue costs
  • Ability to enquire and raise support tickets within your customer’s authenticated area, reducing the number of calls to your office / call centre
  • Enquiries and Support tickets can be responded to directly within the iProperty Cloud solution
  • A User-Friendly Customer Portal ensures full ability for your Customers: Vendors, Landlords, Tenants and/or Buyers to view their accounts and property status using their mobile phones (iPhone, Android) and Tablets (iPad, Android and Windows).


Public Website (Properties marketed by Agencies/Housing Associations)

iProperty Cloud comes with a complete Public website that allows estate agents and social housing providers such as Housing associations and local councils to advertise their properties for Sale or To Let. The Public Website is fully integrated with the iProperty Cloud Solution which allows your users to publish a property to your public website (or remove it) via the single click of a button.

Our Public website comes with a long list of features including:

  • Full Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Capabilities for easier indexing by search engines such as Google and Bing.
  • Content Management System (CMS) allowing for the editing of your marketing and advertising information and media.
  • One-Click-Publish feature allows your Property information to be published to your website with a single click, pushing all property details including property photos, floor plans, brochure, EPC, 360 videos – all onto your live public website.


Microsoft Outlook, Mobile and Tablet Apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

iProperty Cloud solution is accessible with any web browser: Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.

Not only that, iProperty Cloud solution can also be fully accessed from within your Microsoft Outlook Email, giving your users to access the whole solution from within their email client. This allows all your staff to track emails within iProperty Cloud to ensure service continuity and improved customer service.

iProperty Cloud also comes with complete set of native iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android apps allowsing all your staff to access the full solution on their mobile phones, tablets and Windows Apps.

This Mobility and Outlook access to the full solution capability allows Sales and Lettings negotiators, Field and housing officers, valuators and viewings professionals to access the full suite of functionality of iProperty Cloud Solution in the office, on the go, on site and practically anywhere on earth with internet access! (offline capabilities also available).


Speech to Text for Valuation, Viewing Feedback and Reporting


Our Speech 2 Text solution provides your staff with the ability to dictate property visit reports, property valuations, property viewings feedback, maintenance jobs feedback and more. Rather than having to spend hours manually writing up reports, your staff can swiftly dictate them, and then conveniently edit and submit as desired. Our innovative voice dictation service takes advantage of world-class proprietary Microsoft Azure APIs.

Intelligent Chat Bot

iProperty Cloud also features an intelligent Chat Bot which works for your business 24/7, allowing your prospects to enquire about properties, viewings availability and book next day appointments with your available agents 24/7, even while your business is closed! iProperty Chat Bot also provides automated updates and feedback to your Buyers, Vendors, Tenants and Landlords, without you or any of your team ever having to pick up the phone.

Savings and Efficiencies

iProperty Cloud has been built, from the ground up, with the objective of maximising efficiency savings for estate agents. The platform features automation capable of delivering up to a 20% time saving for your team. Examples of automation delivering efficiency include the ability to setup a property and upload its photos on-the-go using an iPad, an Android Tablet, or any of our solution tablet apps. Your staff only need to create a property record once, and it will be pushed to your public website as well as your customers’ self-service portal, without any additional data entry effort required. Other massive time and effort savings are delivered through the self-service capability of the solution. The self-serve portal allows all of your Customers: Landlords, Vendors, Buyers and Tenants to access the latest updates on their property on-demand, saving your agency time and effort spent on calls with customers requesting updates. We estimate that these savings would make your business 20% more time-efficient. In real terms, this is equivalent to freeing up several full-time staff members to focus on growing your revenue, rather than time-consuming data entry, customer enquiries and customer follow-ups on current systems.

Return on Investment (ROI)

With the savings and efficiencies delivered through the iProperty Cloud platform, we forecast a 100% ROI within the first 24 months of switching to iProperty Cloud. This is in addition to the instant savings delivered by the system.